Below is everything we have thought of when creating our idea and storyline for the 2 trailers, every little bit of research we did was documented by both me and my other group member.

–       Potentially basing it on a true story and real-life events.


  • Most trailers start with scenes from the film, then the production logos and different companies and then back to the scenes and quite commonly the 3-act structure. They usually end with the title of the film in their own unique font and then before the end of the trailer they have another scene from the movie, these are usually cliff-hangers that keep the audience wanting more and keeping them on the edge of their seats.

For our trailer, we want to follow this structure that is so commonly used within Thriller films and their trailers.

They commonly start with a scene or moment that establishes either the Antagonist or a certain location from within the storyline that will be key to the plot. Such as the new Halloween (2018) trailer, starts with someone visiting Michael Myers and showing him his old mask, that triggers his inner, psychopathic thoughts and feelings to bring hell upon the village once again.

Equilibrium Disruption Realisation Restored Order Equilibrium Again

Looking at the vast majority of Thriller trailers, a lot of them follow Todorov’s Theory and they also follow the common 3-act structure.


A young troubled, insecure and abused teenager (male) used to read books about Psychopaths and Sociopaths and was heavily intrigued by the stories of Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy. Excited by the ways they had killed their victims, wandering what it would feel like if he ever did such a thing. The film starts with this young teenager in a school environment, being jeered at and made fun of, isolating himself from everyone, except this one girl who he adores, he admires, he looks at her constantly but is always too afraid to make a move or say something. Once he does, the girl shuts him down and rejects him, causing him to have a mental breakdown. Losing control of his mental emotions. Once back home he draws himself back to his novels and documentaries, re-establishing his thoughts and mental state into something uncontrollable. He switches personalities, he now becomes a confident, well dressed and upbeat person, due to his personality changes he is unable to help prevent this, and it is something that occurs and is triggered whenever he looks back onto his past hobbies into the world of psychology. In school he becomes more and more fixated with everything she does, every where she goes, he follows but she never notices him. Until one night after a long day revising in school, they were staying the same day, as she makes her way to her car, he comes up from behind and hits her over the head and throws her in the boot of the car and drives away. Taking her to a dark, secluded and isolated room where he ties her to a chair, oddly stroking her hair and sniffing it, showing he was and is indeed obsessed with her. Then a panning shot of a drawer being opened, allowing the audience to see all of his toys, his knives and other weapons that he has been inspired to use by other stories and documentaries. Then cutting to a scene where the man is dragging several big black bin bags along the floor towards her car that he had stolen. Placing the bags into the boot of the car, but the audience never know as to whether he had actually killed her or not, this allows the audience to draw up their own endings and their own suspicions on the film. Ending with this scene in the trailer, intriguing the audience and leaving them wanting more.